Rock Pond


This is likely my favorite hike of the day.  Rock Pond connects with Lake Durant and is sure to provide a relaxing atmosphere, and a really cool bridge!


As I was looking at the brochure the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce sent to me (after my request) the front has a beautiful photo of this cool wooden bridge over a body of water with the leaves in their full autumnal glory.  My dad was looking at it and said … “I want to find this bridge.” I wasn’t sure how we were going to accomplish that, since it doesn’t say where to find it on the brochure, and the trail descriptions are no more than a sentence or two.  So we just chose hikes along the same route.  Little did we know that we would find that bridge at Rock Pond!


You’ll find the trail head on a dirt road that eventually gives boating access to Lake Durant, the trail head is located before this access point.  The dirt road is off of Durant Road, which is off of NYS Route 30.

After the informative sign stating it would be 0.6 miles to Rock Pond, we found the trail register and signed our way in.  Then headed to the pond.


The woods trail was absolute wonderful, we didn’t see anyone on the trail on our way in, but as we neared the pond, we did hear voices.

We “accidentally’ Found the bridge!

We arrived to the pond and lo and behold the bridge was a great surprise to us.  There were some girls fishing off into Lake Durant from the bridge.

As you reach the bridge, Lake Durant will be off to your left, and Rock Pond to your right.  It would be easy enough to carry a kayak or canoe over this little bridge to paddle around Rock Pond.

Lake Durant off to the left of the bridge.
Rock Pond to the right of the bridge.

We spent a good amount of time just looking out to either side.  The trail does continue on (eventually coming to Lake Durant Campground), but Rock Pond was our destination. I spent some time sitting on the bridge just enjoying the time.


On our way back we came across these trees growing on a rock.  My dad said he thinks that the tree growing around it, back into the ground was likely what was pushing this rock up to create that space between the rock and the ground.

We also came across this beauty on our way back.


I lead the way on the way back to the trail head, and got a ways ahead of my parents.  So when i reached the trail register, I signed us out and had some time to take some fun pictures of the wildflowers growing near the trail register.


For more information on Rock Pond, check out the GPS track with more photos HERE.

Rock Pond is a part of the 4-3-2-1 Way Challenge



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