Grassy Pond


Our second hike of the day was the short but sweet Grassy Pond.  Clocking in at a little longer than Death Brook Falls, but still as worth it.


The trailhead for Grassy Pond is also located on NYS Route 28 on the other side of Golden Beach Campground.  We parked in the small lot, and headed for the trail.


This is also the trail head for Wilson Pond, but today we would only be doing Grassy Pond.  One way the sign has it pegged for 0.5 miles.  The trail was marked with red markers and very easy to follow.


I have a serious thing for taking photos of signs and trail markers…

Shortly after the sign and first markers, there was a trail register. We signed in and noted we’d be going to Grassy Pond and back.


The trail was a little muddy in spots, which was okay for me in my really great hiking boots, but my mom was just in sneakers.  We did a lot of maneuvering around the muddiest spots.


We passed a few others on the trail into Grassy Pond, but for the most part, we were the only ones on the trail.


At one point, there was another trail that crossed over the trail we were on.  There was a sign to guide us for the correct trail.  I’m not sure what that other trail was, or even if it really was an actual trail.


We finally began to see glimpses of Grassy Pond.  It looked incredibly peaceful.


This was as closed as we were able to go.  At this point we had clocked at 0.5 miles on my GPS app.  We attempted to get closer to the water for a better view, but the ground was very mushy and swampy, so we didn’t try to go much further.  Around this area there was remnants of a campfire.  There were no signs that specified camping in this area.

The trail does go on further to Wilson Pond but that was going to be another 2.5 miles, so after a few minutes just looking at the pond, and enjoying the sounds of nature, we headed back for the 0.5 miles to the car.  We passed a few others on the way back.  Then signed out and got in the car for the next adventure.


For more information about Grassy Pond and the GPS track (with photos on the track as they were taken) click HERE.

Grassy Pond is a part of the 4-3-2-1 Way Challenge


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