Barker Pond


There are some places on earth that just give you the creeps.  Those desolate, extremely isolated dense forest places.  If this suits your fancy, look no further than the 0.25 mile trail to Barker Pond.


I’m usually at peace with the forest.  With the quite sounds of nature.  But here… I’m not kidding you, there was enough eire-ness to make the hairs on your neck stand straight up.

We had time in the day for one more hike.  Our two options left were at 0.25 miles and 0.75 miles.  My mom, suggested the shorter, little did we know we could have done the 0.75 miles in the amount of time it took us to actually find the trailhead for Barker Pond.

You’ll find it on the “Flow Road” which is a seasonal (closed in winter) road that is currently used for logging.  We saw no logging action, but it felt like we were driving on this dirt road forever.  Eventually we did come to a road that split off to the right, with a sign for Barker Pond.  It was still several more miles on that road.  We’re sure it felt like so long, because the road was so bumpy, rocky, and even had tall grass in the middle toward the end.


We could tell this was not a well traversed area.  Eventually, that second dirt road comes to a clearing with a rock parking lot.  The trail head will be a little further up the road, that is eventually blocked off with large boulders.


As we stared out on this hike, it was incredibly overgrown.  Clearly it is not used all that often. There is also no trail register to sign in.   After a quick 0.25 miles we came to the pond.


We did a little looking around, but when I looked down and noticed a fairly fresh pile of what I would only assume was bear scat, looked to my right into some incredibly thick forest, a perfect place for a bear to hide, I showed my parents what I found and we high-tailed it out of there real fast.  Granted, the bear was likely more scared of us than we were of him.. but since the trail was so short, we had left water, and all gear back in the car… and my dad runs faster than both my mom and I…

I noticed the camping allowed signed, wondered why anyone would want to do that here,  took a quick selfie… to prove I was there – worry face and all and we safely made it back to the car in one piece.

Later in the week, we confirmed that it was actually bear scat at a store in Old Forge using a children’s book that told all about different kinds of animal scat.

For more information on Barker Pond, a GPS Track and photos click HERE.

Barker Pond is a part of the 4-3-2-1 Way Challenge


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