Lewey Lake – Campground Walk

7/9/2017 and 7/11/2017

Lewey Lake State Campground is an interesting one.  Don’t be too confused, there’s sites in several different locations, including some individual sites right off of Route 30. (Like your own private Campground!)

After dinner on July 9th we headed out for a walk around the campground.  We left our section and headed across the street to take a look under the bridge where Indian Lake and Lewey Lake meet.  Earlier today on out kayak adventure we didn’t head into Indian lake since we heard what sounded like rough, Falls-type water.  We wanted to take a look and see what we would have been dealing with.

Needless to say, we were glad we had turned the kayaks around when we did.

Then we headed into another section of Lewey Lake campsites that also houses the Indian Lake Islands Campground entry.  We saw some good views of Indian Lake at the boat launch and some more campsites that mom and dad want to try out.  I marked them on my map of the campground in my bullet journal.

As we were turning the corner for the exit of this section onto Route 30, it started to sprinkle.  We had not come prepared with any rain gear.  The rain became a little more steady and we began to prepare ourselves for the worst.  Our walk along Route 30 was the “worst” but as we were quickly moving we did not end up too wet.  Plus, once we made it back to our section of campsites the trees help to cover us from the rain.  We made it back to the site and it had almost stopped raining.

Since we didn’t finish our trek through the campground, after breakfast on July 11th we decided to take a look through some more of the camping loops off of Route 30. We walked North on Route 30 towards campsite #1.  We didn’t check out many of the single sites on the right side of the road, but we did take a look to the left of the look of campsites 7-11.

This loop only has privy bathrooms, but it was probably my favorite spot.  It would be a great place to find others to go with and rent out all five campsites.  All five sites had access to NAME OF BROOK.  My favorite was by far site 11.  There is a little trail off the back of the site that gives you access to the brook even further in, there’s a beautiful section of waterfalls that would be a great place to plop a chair or hang a hammock.

Sites 8 and 9 would be tent access only, and site 10 and 11 require that you go over a bridge.  We are not sure if there is a weight limit to that brodge or not.  None of these sites were occupied while we explored through this section.

We then took a look at a few single sites off the right of Route 30, and saw more of Indian Lake.

After that we headed back to our own loop and campsite.


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