Kayaking Lewey Lake (Part 1)

July 9, 2017.

(There is no phone reception within Lewey Lake State Campground, at least that I have found, so for the sake of these posts, I’ll be adding the day this occurred at the top of the posts and all future reception-less posts on my blog.)

Today we (my parents and I) arrived for a week long adventure at Lewey Lake State Campground.  It has been so long since I’ve been on a vacation that lasted more than three full days.  So I have been anxiously waiting and preparing for this trip! (More on that in another post later.)

Shortly after our arrival we hit the lake for a little kayaking adventure.

I totally forgot upon the start of our adventure to start recording the track with my Gaia GPS app.  I’ll chalk that up to my excitement about finally being on vacation.

There is a small kayak/canoe launch right across from our site. So we started there and headed for a short jaunt towards Indian Lake off to the left.  It wasn’t very far that way to the bridge that separates Indian Lake from Lewey Lake, and we could hear “rough” water.  So we opted not to attempt going to Indian Lake but instead decided to turn back towards Lewey.

It was fun to attempt a selfie with my mom and dad in the background.  And awesome to see the ducks every so often.

The small “channel” between Lewey and Indian lakes was quite calm.  I like calm kayaking adventures, mostly because I like to look the water for fish, and around for ducks and other birds.

Once we reached the main portion of Lewey Lake, it became a little windy and the water was choppy.  On the way out we were heading into the wind so it was a little hard to paddle.  Every time I stopped to take a photo, the wind would turn my kayak around and I’d have to adjust to get back on track!

The views were awesome, and we were even able to see Snowy Mountain.  I think dad and I will probably hike that later this week.

The lake was a lot bigger than I expected, so I’m excited to adventure out onto it again.

View this on the Gaia GPS website here.



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