Bushwacking Record Hill

I have never attempted bushwacking.  Until today. Check it off the bucket list! 

This was no easy feat. We chose the hardest, steepest route solely because we could walk to the attempted route from the camp. Except we didn’t know this was the hardest steepest route until our way back down…

This trek started off simple. A simple stroll down a dirt road with great views of Lake George and Rogers Rock as we passed camps and docks. 

Rogers Rock from the road
Borrowed a garden for a nice shot of this beauty!

At the end of the road we met a metal gate closing off the road and a nice wide (and flat) trail.  This trail would take us to the remains of a ranch and to Flat Rock.

The remains of the cabin, the roof has begun to cave in.

This cabin was cool to see, the wood used to build it is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a shame that it has been neglected and has started to fall down. 

Rogers Rack from Flat Rock

From here we began our official bushwacking. We used the Gaia GPS app on my phone as a guide to know if we were headed in the right direction. I also would plot waypoints in the app by taking photos of unique nature things should we need to re-trace our steps back. 

Looking up into the trees of the forest
Since I’ve never bushwacked it was an experience, but one I’d gladly re-do.  I do appreciate trails, but there is something about the unknown and the peacefulness of being in the backcountry that makes it really cool.

Bushwacking Selfie!

At first, the trek up was up, but not overly steep, we could fairly easily make our way up with out a problem.  But things would begin to get steep and tricky! 

We had to maneuver around large rocks and downed trees all too often! 

Eventually, we came to an area that allowed us a little bit of a view of Lake George… and we continued on. 

This was probably one of my favorite sections. When we reached these large rocks, I searched left and right for the best way up them, we chose right, which allowed us to climb up gradually, but not without some challenges of squeezing between rocks and trees and climbing up some rocks. 

Soon I saw in the distance something blue – that provided us with such joy and happiness! 

We had met up with the actual trail that makes its way up the opposite side of Record Hill! We reached the top!!!

Anthonys Nose & Lake George from the top of Record Hill.

There are two areas that provide views.  This is the first to come to, and provides a view of Anthony’s Nose and Lake George, as well as some mountains on the west side of the lake. Here we took some time to sit, rest and have a snack. 

The second overlook is a little more in the trees, but does provide a view of Rogers Rock. 

We also took a good rest at this view; a little longer, as this area provided us with a little bit of shade. 

Sitting for a rest at the top
Another trail selfie!

When we decided to head down, I was able to select our starting point and choose to guide to that spot. The GPS provided a straight line that would guide us on the way down.  We hoped this route would be less steep. 

We were right! There were carriage roads on the mountain which we were able to find and use most of the way down.  

One of them started off the actual trail at the top. Of course, signs were posted to say not to go that way, but we did anyway…

Most of the way down was a nice wide path! It was a little challenge though, as trees and sticks have fallen into the path, and some places had overgrown grass. 

The trek down was SO much easier than the one up!

 Finally we made it back to the road! 

Our finishing distance was 5.54 miles with an ascent of 1010 feet.  It took us over 6 hours to complete the trek.


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